Monday, February 7, 2011

Pray for Itinerant Minister Battling Health Issues

Recently I received an email from a friend, Rev. Jay West, concerning health issues he has battled in recent times. Roughly three years ago I was introduced to Jay via email though a mutual friend, Tom Corcoran of MultiChurchDC. Jay currently resides in Omaha and travels extensively all over the United States ministering as the Lord leads. He has ministered in over a thousand churches that spans denominational lines (over 54 denominations to be exact!). The passion of his heart obviously is for the whole body of Christ. Periodically he'll send out an email concerning the things that the Lord is doing in his family and ministry. More recent emails were a bit alarming as he described health issues that were affecting his ability to function daily. I want to share the email with you, my blogosphere audience, as a means to generate prayer on his behalf and any potential insights that the Lord may bring forth as to the root of the health issues he's confronted in the past few months. Here's more info on Jay West via his Linkedin public profile. Also he's on Facebook too.

Dear Friend,

Here is the latest information I have on what Jason and I have been experiencing with the headaches and such which have been happening consistently now for 38 days - jumping around - moving around on my head - back and forth - I am still able to sleep and can eat just fine too.

I went to the doctor and they gave me two different antibiotics but neither of them did anything.

Then we discovered that when I am away from home, the symptoms linger but gradually disappear - only to return again when at home and primarily when the heat is on - so we had a Carbon Monoxide test done by the Gas Company and they could not find any leaks. We also purchased an installed a working carbon monoxide alarm - then we bought an air purifier and I have substantially less symptoms when it is on and I am in that room - if we move it to another room, then the previous room becomes bad and the new room is okay for me. Having a window open in a room helps me some, but not completely.

Jason began to have mild symptoms of lightheadness too - but it was not consistent - we then paid nearly $700 and had our heating ducts cleaned and disinfected - the very next day I started having strong nausea when the heat was on - the headaches are still there, but not as strong - but the nausea has lessened considerably for which I am grateful, although it is there mildly, and I do get lightheaded too - Jason began to have more regular occurrences of lightheadedness - several times a day - and we both began to experience similar symptoms at other places such as Grocery stores Wal Mart, Target and Saturday at Beautiful Savior Lutheran and our church. Jason had to sit on a stool to play keyboard for worship as he was so lightheaded. The doctor gave me anti-nausea pills, but they put me to sleep really fast.

I opened up the house yesterday for a couple of hours without the heat on - just letting in the fresh cold air - it got cold in the house, but I felt pretty good - but then eventually had to turn the heat on and the symptoms came right back real fast.

Dan Kessler who is a heater technician came today and checked out our furnace - he really could not find much wrong - he did a test in which the heat exchange did not function totally right which would normally mean it is cracked - but if it is cracked it would emit carbon monoxide and those tests were negative and our alarm still would not sound - we know that alarm works because it sounds on a test. We consulted with still another heater specialist that we know and he said he could not think of anything different to do.
We are at a total loss as to what to do next - we have prayed repeatedly - and had people pray for us around the country - a group prayed at the service Saturday morning - -Friends came over and prayed and anointed the house and heater etc - the people of our church prayed for us. One person has suggested that we are allergic to the environment of the heater, but did not give clues for remedies. People have suggested that I move out of the house for up to a week, but that is not practical nor financially practical. Plus everytime I return the symtoms return, so being gone for any length of time will not eliminate the problem when I return.

I am sick constantly when at home and for some hours after leaving - usually if gone for more than three hours I start to feel better. I am best outside in clear air altogether - but I am concerned for myself and for Jason - I don't seem to have any breathing problems - just the headaches, nausea and lightheadedness.

I have no appetite problems and can eat anything whch is also strange when having nausea - food does not bother me - in fact, when eating the nausea goes away temporarily only to return soon after I am finished eating. These are all CO symptoms but we have no leak - Diane has not had any symptoms - we had friends over Saturday for over an hour and they knew about it but did not have any symptoms - so if it was CO then they should have gotten sick to as should Diane - and you do not get these symptoms from Radon or Mold. My doctor who is a believer has all of this information too.
If you know of someone to forward this information to along with my email address, please do so - we need help and don't know what to do or where to turn. I am desperate!

The other thing that we need prayer on is that I had four cancellations this year and income has dropped so severely - it is tough to deal with that battle while trying to work on the other one too. Jason and I are working on the book too, but find it hard to concentrate with constant headaches and other symptoms. Thanks for caring to read this.

Jay W. West

Anointed 2 GO MdM
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