Wednesday, April 20, 2011

ALERT! APRIL 20 AND BEYOND | Jon & Jolene Hamill

Randy Demain stopped right in the middle of his message. We had rarely seen him so serious.

We were at opening night of Lampstand 2011 in Seattle, and Randy was sharing prophetic insights for 2011 and beyond. He gave a strong warning about April 20 for both the east coast and the west coast, and called everybody there to prayer.

I’m extending our audience for his message. Here’s our policy on this. You read… you pray. OK? We feel we need to pray from Passover, April 18, through April 23.

When Randy shared this alert, he had no idea that Cindy Jacobs and the RPN/HAPN networks were scheduled April 21-23 to pray for President Obama and the nation in Washington DC. I have to say, I have had more grace by the Holy Spirit to pray for President Obama than ever before. Let’s take advantage of a window of mercy opened by the Lord at this time to intercede!

Warnings of Peril: East Coast, West Coast

Because Randy saw two things on April 20—for the west coast, he warned of some kind of natural disaster occurring. Much of his overall message warned of potential earthquakes and volcanoes along the Pacific Rim and especially along the Cascadia range in the Pacific Northwest.

And for the east coast, Randy warned specifically of a man-made disaster in the political arena. Randy wasn’t specific on this. But it’s important to understand that Randy gave a prophetic warning against assassination attempts in Arizona the night before Kathleen Giffords was shot.

Columbine April 20

It’s important to note that the tragic massacre at Columbine High occurred on April 20, 1999. This date was Adolf Hitler’s birthday. People in the occult, as well as neo-Nazis, apparently see this date as significant for their purposes.

I will never forget the 1999 School of the Prophets, where Cindy Jacobs warned of attacks against students. She then ministered in that very area, calling for 24/7 prayer immediately to avert tragedy. The warnings were partially heeded—and as tragic as Columbine was, the disaster could have been much worse.

Obviously God has a reason to call us to prayer at this time. Please take this project seriously and engage. From this time forward, let’s focus intently on intercession to counter any acts of sabotage on April 20. Let’s continue praying through April 23 for this team of intercessors in DC. Cindy is obviously very accurate on timing, so if she’s calling our nation’s top intercessors to gather and pray for our nation on this date, there’s a reason for it. OK?

Stewarding Divine Intelligence

I’ll close with this—then let’s pray. Five years ago, while working as a contractor for the Department of Homeland Security, I had the honor of attending a speech by renown intelligence expert Charles Allen. His CIA career spanned the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Cold War, Viet Nam, etc. President Bush had just recruited him as Director of Intelligence for DHS.

Allen related how he had spent most of his decades-long career striving to keep top secret information from getting out. Now, Allen said, things have changed. In the post-9/11 world, his most important responsibility was to get top-secret, real-time intelligence out, and into the hands of first responders and emergency personnel who could make a difference.

As one who deeply respects this principle, we are choosing to get this Holy Spirit intelligence out to you as a “first responder” in prayer. Praying through by the Holy Spirit is our best hope at restraining the enemy’s capacities. Please take this seriously—and again, PLEASE PRAY.

Fasting & Prayer April 18-23

So—please join us for an awesome time of fasting and prayer leading to April 20-23. We need to cover this time NOW in prayer. Further, on April 18-20, we are partnering with Bev Klopp, a prayer leader in Washington State, for a special Esther Fast over Passover. You will hear more about this tomorrow. Let’s keep the press by praying in the Spirit intensively through this time.

Prayer Points

Father God we thank You for covering our nation with such diligence and care. Thank You for mercy! We ask that You go before us to prepare the way for breakthrough in Washington DC and Washington State. We ask for Your hand to avert natural disaster in the west coast, and political crisis on the East Coast. Spirit of God, please empower us to pray!

Further, we ask that you completely counter and reverse all plans of the enemy to sabotage our nation on and around April 20. We set the watch of the Lord NOW for this time period from April 18-23. Expose and overthrow all planned acts of terrorism from internal and external sources. Release Holy Spirit alerts to the intelligence community, to state and local police, etc.

Lord please cover and protect all who are coming to pray in Washington DC April 21-23. Grant Holy Spirit breakthrough that will benefit and bless our leaders, from President Obama to the government employees and contractors who keep DC running. We declare Your covenant protection and provision, in Jesus’ Name!

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