Thursday, May 26, 2011

MUCH HARM from FALSE MAY 21 PROPHECY? | Andrew Strom

I would be interested in your comments on this. Of course, the liberal media took great delight in ridiculing the whole of evangelical Christianity over this - even though very few took part in it. Harold Camping's false prophecy of the "End of the World" gave great cause for unbelievers to mock. But will there be any long-term effects? I was interested to read the opinion of 'Tula' one of our readers below:

"I am getting a lot of comments from family and other contacts about 'the end of the world' Harold Camping thing. My mum said her whole office was laughing about it and its been all over the media here in the UK. I am not bothered that people are laughing and mocking about it, as they would when it did not come true. A couple of things come to mind, that it did shake people up enough to think about it deeply. Also that when it does come they will have been 'de-sensitised' and will have put most of us Christians in the same camp..."

What are your experiences with others over this?"

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