Friday, February 16, 2007

Change Your atmoSPHERE!

Here is an update on the first two sessions of the day thus far.

Jack Groblewski preached a phenomenal message called “Atmospheric Altar-ation” that was based on the concept that we are able to bring about changes in society because we can change the atmosphere. He cites Jonathan Edwards’ Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God sermon that changed the atmosphere of the congregation, which became the harbinger of the Great Awakening. Obviously this atmospheric transformation brought about a change in Edward's church, community, and the overall colonial atmosphere – thus nothing short of impacting the course of history itself.

He defined atmosphere as “the prevailing spiritual climate, emotional tone and attitude associated with a specific people, place and time.” He then shared five essentials for changing the atmosphere:

  1. Let’s build our identity upon a sincere grasp of each other’s value in the eyes of God!
  2. Be a kingdom materialist – Recognize what we have and what it can do for God’s purposes.
  3. Be captivated at God’s sovereignty
  4. Never cease to be “WOWED” by the presence of God!
  5. Make the scriptures radically essential to the way we live!
I enjoyed the message because it gave me some thoughts to chew on for my “cause 2 impact” paradigm that I am in the process of developing. Within our sphere are multiple social networks that we traverse: family, work, community groups, friends, church, and the like. Obviously each of these networks have different “atmospheres.” Your extended family gatherings during holidays probably has a vastly different tone than does your church climate. This is something that I will continue to mull over as I search out the Scriptures to understand this better from a biblical worldview.

Aneta and I are in charge of the hospitality room where we serve lunch for our guest speakers. We met with a few leaders from the nation of Bosnia, which was a delightful time. I also had the opportunity to meet with Brian Heasley (check out his blog) and learn more about his 24-7 ministry based in Ibiza, Spain. He presented the afternoon message, which was challenging. I appreciate his heart when he said (my paraphrase) that he wants to be a light in darkness, whereas the majority of the church is light in the light. In other words very few Christians are engaging culture in a way that allows their light to shine forth in darkness. So true. It challenged me. We all have a sphere of influence to shine forth our light.

Brian is heading up this church plant in the party capital of Europe so they have an opportunity daily to shine forth their light in this depraved area. Thankfully he is a pioneer who possesses the heart of the Moravians of old: prayer and missions. I am so thankful for this humorous, passionate man-of-God.

More later,

Brian Francis Hume

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