Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Embracing God's Glory Conference

For those of you in Texas, check out the Embracing God’s Glory conference that will be held March 13-15 in Temple, Texas. I believe it is going to be a powerful time in the Lord as we corporately seek the face of God. To learn more information go to the website by clicking here. You will initially hear my good friend Draper Smith leading a worship song. The beautiful website was done professionally by Draper’s wife who is an outstanding web designer—please consider her if you need a website for your business, ministry or organization.

The leadership of Embracing God’s Glory invited me to minister Friday evening at the conference. Please pray for me as I prepare my heart for this time of ministry. Other keynote speakers will also include Will Ford and Draper Smith. The leadership team is also flying out Beth Hislop who is an amazing worship leader. Beth is also from Fredericksburg and is a part of the leadership team for the Burn Internship. She spent time with the Justice House of Prayer (JHOP) in Washington, DC with Lou Engle. She also traveled with JHOP throughout the United States ministering and praying for a 3rd Great Awakening. I’ve been a part of numerous services where she has led worship and the anointing upon her life is mind-boggling!

I will be in Texas from March 13-20 with plans to minister everyday at different churches. As soon as my itinerary is completed I will post it here on my website.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Prophetic Word for the University of Maryland

Recently the University of Maryland has been on my heart. I've had two recent dreams related to this school that are quite significant. The Lord birthed a strong prophetic word in my spirit during the afternoon worship at the Awaken the Dawn conference on Friday, February 22. This gathering had a strong emphasis on the campuses of America. It was an intense time of worship and this is what I sensed the Lord saying to me concerning the University of Maryland. Please stand with me in praying for the existing leadership of the campus ministries and for a Christ-centered movement to come forth that will forever transform lives!

Isaiah 43:19See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.

The Lord is indeed calling the believers to CONTEND for night and day prayer at the University of Maryland. March is going to be a very significant month for them. It seems as if it is a karios time that requires much obedience and diligence to respond to the Lord in this hour. What I hear the Lord saying is “Spring BreakTHROUGH”. Many thought they were going to go home for the spring break, but the Lord has other plans in mind. In fact there are many students who have struggled with trying to make plans for their spring break, but nothing felt like the right thing to do. This unsettling is of the Lord and I believe as students hear this clarion call to “Spring BreakTHROUGH” they will respond with faith and enthusiasm—something will connect within their hearts.

As they pray through this assignment that the Lord is releasing to them, they will see tremendous fruit in the aftermath. I believe the time around April 6th will be very significant. What appears almost as if anarchy has been unleashed on the campus, God will prevail over the situation as the believers continue to contend in prayer and through the proclamation of the gospel. Resistance will seem to rise up, but continue to contend in faith. Spring breakTHROUGH will come forth!

There is one more thing that is of utmost importance during this season in praying for the University of Maryland—the African American demographic. Don’t be surprised to see God do a tremendous work on this campus through a move of God’s Spirit in the African American students. Target the African American sororities and fraternities—and specifically the football players. Something is brewing here in the heart of God. God wants to unleash a powerful move of His Spirit, unlike anything this campus has ever seen. When this happens, it will spill over into the neighboring cities and campuses. This region will become a hub of revival. It will actually capture the attention of the secular media because it will be such a work of transformation in the lives of those affected. And what is triggered this spring will carry over through the summer into the fall semester of 2008. The work that is initiated now will not be in vain.

Saints at the University of Maryland, prepare for your Spring BreakTHROUGH!

Friday, February 15, 2008

A Valentine's Day Proposal!

Valentine's day is a special day for me. My beautiful bride and I celebrate the anniversary of our engagement on this day. We met while studying at Christ for the Nations Institute (CFNI) in Dallas, Texas. Jokingly many CFNI alumni refer to the school as “Brides for the Nations” due to a high number of students that find their God chosen mate at CFNI.

For me it all started during a class in June of 2000.

As a good diligent student, I was sitting up front when someone in the back asked a question. As I turned around, my gaze was struck by the vivacious smile of a blue-eyed beauty. Immediately I looked around to ensure that the smile was intended for me! She says she doesn’t remember, but I do because I can distinctly recall my heart skipping a beat!

I have to admit that for the next few days in that class, whenever someone asked a question, I would slowly turn to look back just to see if she would smile at me again. Unfortunately, for the time being, it didn't happen.

Well, a long story short (skipping over some major intriguing story lines that I'll save for another day!)—we started courtship on December 31, 2000. I had determined in my heart (under the leading of the Holy Spirit) that I was going to pursue this godly, beautiful girl to marriage. With that in mind, I was already contemplating creative means of proposal to Aneta. Several weeks before Valentine's Day, I felt that I should preach a message to Aneta that reflected what the Lord had planned for us together. Taking it a step further, I determined to propose to her in her heart language (native tongue)—Polish. Aneta was a scholarship student from Poland. Since I knew not a word of Polish, I decided to solicit the help of another CFNI student who was from Poland. She happily agreed to write out for me a proposal in Polish as soon as possible. Meanwhile I contacted my worship pastor at Trinity Church for permission to allow me to utilize the sanctuary so that I could preach the prophetic message that the Lord placed upon my heart. However as the weeks went by, I still had not received my Polish proposal. Finally on the morning of February 14th, I was given the proposal. Nervously I tried in my best Polish to pronounce the words as instructed. After about ten minutes she gave me a vote of confidence, “Perfect!”

I was elated!

Everything was coming together: the diamond ring; the use of the church sanctuary; a prophetic message of what I believe the Lord had called us to pursue together as a married couple; a romantic proposal in fluent Polish; and then—if proposal accepted—a romantic, celebratory dinner at the Cheesecake Factory in north Dallas! Presto!

Did I already mention that I was excited?

We engaged in small talk as we made our way to the church facility. Finally the moment was upon us as I pulled into the parking lot. Unsure of what was going on, Aneta—being her usual cheery self, smiled at me. My heart was beating profusely, reminiscent of what had transpired almost eight months earlier when she first unleashed that captivating smile at me in the classroom!

As I led her into the sanctuary, I nodded to the worship leader, who immediately—without a word spoken between us—left the room with his assistants. Bewildered, Aneta looked at me, trying to calmly take in all that was happening. I led her to the front row, asking her to sit as I placed the pulpit in front of her. I explained that the Lord had put a message on my heart to share with her concerning our future together.

Excitement and nervousness engulfed me all at once. As this glowing, blue eyed Polish beauty sat on the front row—I took a deep breath, and opened with prayer before proceeding with the message. I preached as if a million people were in front of me. My three points were as followed:

1. Influenced by Intimacy: transformation
2. Influence through Impartation: generations
3. Influence through Intercession: nations

In essence, I preached that we were called to bring transformation to our generation to reach the nations. As Aneta dabbed her eyes with a tissue, I asked her to close her eyes and reflect upon what I had just preached. As she bowed her head, I slowly moved from the pulpit towards her, pulling the paper out of my back pocket that had the Polish proposal on it. For the invitation, I passionately framed this moment in this light: “I want you to focus on what I’ve shared…this could change your life!” Finally I knelt besides her. With a deep breath, I proceeded to read to her my heart-felt proposal in my most perfect, fluent Polish. When I finished, I looked up at her in full anticipation of a moment to behold.

However, there was none. Or at least in terms of what I had envisioned!

Aneta continued praying with her eyes closed. I looked carefully to determine why she wasn’t giving me a sign or indicator that she was accepting my proposal. Finally—after what seemed like eternity (probably 30 seconds)—I decided to propose to her again…in English!

In my most perfect English I asked, “Will you marry me?

Immediately I got the response that I was looking for: Yes! It was a glorious moment to behold!
A few minutes later as we were getting ready to leave the sanctuary to drive to the Cheesecake Factory, I turned to ask her the perplexing question, "Why didn’t you response to me when I first proposed to you in Polish?" Puzzled, she said, “Oh, I thought you were praying in tongues!” Well it turned out that my Polish wasn’t so perfect and Aneta’s friend had written this proposal in some old form of fancy Polish! Not the ideal scenario for a first-timer! What was intended to be my heartfelt, fluent Polish simply sounded like someone praying in other tongues!

We did make it to the Cheesecake Factory and had a wonderful meal together! Years later I am still madly in love with this woman who had warmed my heart with her captivating smile, blue eyes and contagious love for Jesus! I still find my heart missing a beat or two when I behold this woman of beauty!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Bowie Curry: Living Sacrifice!

This is a great article by Bowie Curry, founder of PrayerNet of Fredericksburg. He is an amazing intercessor whose heart burns brightly for the Lord Jesus Christ. His life has been an example to me of a man after God's own heart.

When God says, "Dance"!

We had been worshipping as a congregation for about 25 minutes when our pastor went to the pulpit and said, "I sense that the Lord wants us to sing this chorus again and as we do so to dance before Him." When the pastor, whom I know to be a man of God, directs the congregation during worship in a certain way, I do it. If he says, "dance", I dance! If he says, "kneel", I kneel. If he said to stand on my head and hum "Amazing Grace", I would at least attempt to do it. As we began to sing, I noticed that almost no one was dancing.
Matthew 5:5 Blessed are the meek, for they shall
inherit the earth.

Romans 12:1 I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship.

When God Comes Down!

My thoughts went back 30 years. I was interning in a prayer retreat center in upper state New York. We were in the third day of a pastor's retreat and the meetings had been generally dry and uneventful. The staff was concerned because we knew that many had come from great distances and some with great personal needs. We had prayed for days leading up to this retreat that each one of these pastors and missionaries would have a significant encounter with the Lord but after 2 days, the heavens seemed like brass.

Finally, after about an hour of restless waiting on the Lord, the director of the camp stood up and said that he felt like someone had a word from the Lord and they were resisting the prompting of the Holy Spirit. He sat down and after an awkward silence, one of the teens that served in the kitchen washing pots, stood up, literally trembling, and said, "For two days the Lord has been saying to my heart that we need to stand up and shout but I kept saying, These are all pastors and missionaries; whom am I to make such a suggestion? Well, I'm just going to be obedient. The Lord wants us to stand up and shout!"

What happened next was one of the most extraordinary encounters with the Living God that I have ever experienced in my life. I looked over at the director who didn't seem quite convinced. Finally, he said, "Let's all stand to our feet and shout!" Every one of the 150 present immediately stood to their feet and began to shout. Suddenly, it was as if a lightning bolt split the heavens and the Presence of God filled the room in power. For over an hour wave after wave of glorious praise swept through the lodge. As the worship continued, people began to pray for one another. After about three hours a holy stillness settled over the room and for the next hour or so we sat in enraptured silence not daring to move.

God Blesses Obedience!

I know at least 3 people who were healed from serious illnesses that afternoon. One woman was instantly healed of terminal cancer. Another, who had been battling depression for years was filled with joy. One missionary couple experiencing severe marital problems were completely reconciled. Many testified of receiving a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit and a restoration to Christ as their first love.

One Dared to Obey

I often wonder what we all would have missed if that pot boy had not finally obeyed the prompting of God's Spirit. I was thinking that Sunday morning, "What blessings have we forfeited because of our disobedience to the leading of the Lord?" The lesson I learned at that retreat is when the Lord says, "Dance", I dance!

The Altar of God's Love

What does all this have to do with meekness? We have established that meekness is God's power under God's control. The primary issue in the incident above of course is not dancing but obedience.

True worship is not mindlessly fulfilling some religious ritual once a week but rather a life a lifestyle of communion and encounter with a living God, hearing His voice and responding in odeience. It is the continuous offering of our entire being upon the altar of the One who offered Himself for us without reservation as an atoning sacrifice for our sins on the Cross. It is a response from the heart to what the Living God initiates.

Scriptures tell us that the Church is the "Body of Christ". It was through the wholly surrendered human body of Jesus that The Father brought healing and redemption to this world. It is through the Body of Christ that God will supernaturally complete the process of redemption. What blessing has come to this world because Christ entirely offered His Body as a living sacrifice to accomplish the will of the One who sent Him.

How God longs to find similar hearts today that in the same spirit of love and devotion to the Father will present their body as a living sacrifice and say with the Savior, "I delight to do your will, O my God; your law is within my heart." God could display His mighty acts of power through Jesus because His humanity was completely surrendered to the Father's will. God will release His power through His Church only when that power is under His control. Since that power operates through our humanity, the first step in that is to offer our body to Him in unconditional surrender as a living sacrifice.

Let The Dance Begin!

Among that group of pastors and missionaries at that retreat God found surrendered hearts listening for the voice of the Shepherd ready to respond in wholehearted obedience to the leading of the Spirit. God said, "Shout!" they shouted. The heavens were opened and the glory of God descended in power in their midst! Meekness! God's power under God's control! Let the dance begin!

Prayer Power

Heavenly Father, I present to you this day, my body as a living sacrifice as my reasonable service of worship. Forgive me, when through doubt, pride, or fear of what others might think, I have resisted the prompting of Your Holy Spirit. I thank You for Jesus who willingly offered His Body as a sacrifice for my sin on the Cross and now, out of gratitude for that eternal sacrifice, I offer my body as a living sacrifice on the altar of Your love. This day, by the grace of God, when You say, "Dance!" I will dance! When you say, "Do this random act of kindness." Because I love You, because Your law is in my heart, I will obey. Lord, this day, let your power be wholly under Your control as Your love and grace flow from my heart to those around me. I ask these things in Jesus' Name! Amen!

May God Unite us in Prayer And Unity!

Bowie and Barbara Curry
PrayerNet of Fredericksburg

"If these devotionals have been an encouragement to you, please feel free to forward them. Our hope is that the Lord will use these to expand our network of prayer and to help us discover other like-minded souls. Also, be sure to visit our upgraded website and to let your friends know about it."

Friday, February 8, 2008

David Davenport: Vision of a Train Yard

The following vision was shared with me by my good friend David Davenport. Indeed David is a prophetic scribe—an anointed wordsmith of sorts, who hungers for the deep things of God’s heart—he has a knack for utilizing the right words to communicate the Reality of biblical truths. David is an ordained member of MorningStar Fellowship of Ministries, a graduate of MorningStar School of Ministry, and a former member of MorningStar Fellowship (Charlotte, NC). He is someone that I can wholeheartedly recommend if you're looking for a humble vessel to come minister to your flock.

Vision of a Train Yard

February 05, 2005

I saw a massive train yard. In the middle of the train yard was a turntable that re-directed locomotives and boxcars. Surrounding the turntable were many different tracks—leading in every direction. Many locomotives would pull an enormous train of boxcars to the turntable, detach from the cars, drive onto the turntable, turn in a completely different direction, and then re-attach to a new trail of boxcars (train).

Some distance from the turntable, I saw many locomotives and boxcars that had sat stationary for some time. Though they had collected dust, they were very sound mechanically, as they were regularly serviced as they sat, that they would be ready at a moments’ notice to be dispatched to any of the countless tracks heading in every direction.

Toward the end of the vision, I could hardly believe my eyes at the enormity of the train yard, as the expanse was beyond what the eyes and mind could fully comprehend.

It was during the vision that I realized the completed trains were churches and ministries. The turntable represented new relationships, new associations, new directions and new partnerships unfolding in the Body of Christ abroad.

I also understood the stationary or inactive locomotives and boxcars to represent Saints who had been placed in “service bays,” to be re-tuned as the result of long-overdue rest, restoration and healing. Many of these had, over time, very subtly drifted into nearly unshakable postures of sadness and despair, as they had faced many fiery trials in their previous courses. They had witnessed and experienced measures of warfare that left them deeply wounded, numb and despondent. For they had encountered false brethren, tares among the wheat, and wolves among sheep. They were disillusioned, as they had come to realize that the worst warfare they had faced to date was that within the Body of Christ. They had begun to doubt that they would ever again wish to re-engage their gifts and ministries. They had begun to doubt that they would ever see the truly Glorified Church, moving in authentic power and transforming entire cities and nations. However, these saints were rapidly approaching re-deployment. In fact, most of these “resting and healing” boxcars and locomotives were surprised and caught off-guard, as they were unexpectedly called upon to deploy—suddenly. Though caught off-guard, they were yet ready for service, more ready than they realized, and they moved toward the turntable with strength, resolve and confidence—beyond any measure that they had walked in previously. As I looked toward the skyline in the closing moments of this vision, I saw a massive calendar. The heading of the calendar read, “8 – August” (or, “8-8”).

As I have prayed about this vision over a long period, I have come to believe that as 08-08-08 unfolds, the Holy Spirit will be imparting specific direction, confirmation and affirmation to the steps of many of His Saints, with respect to critical and vital relationships, partnerships and directions in ministry.

To those that are in a place where they are to plant-roots and delve deeper into the ministry or church in which they find themselves presently, deeper relationships will occur. As well, new relationships will be birthed. New levels in gifting and anointing will be poured-out. Restructuring and repositioning of members of given ministries and churches will be quick, decisive and will be carried out with precision.

To those who have felt an impending change on the geographic horizon, vivid dreams will occur. Signs will be given; relationships will be birthed suddenly and unexpectedly, and will represent links to entirely new directions toward ministries and churches in different locales.

I was strongly impressed with Ephesians 4:16(b), “…the whole body, joined and knit together by what every joint supplies, according to the effective working by which every part does its share, causes growth of the body…”

I believe the heightened activity level within this context, is that in preparation for the times that are quickly unfolding before us. I believe that events will unfold in 2008 that will require the Body of Christ to be planted decisively, and with unyielding resolve, in places and positions of service that are tailor-made for our individual gifts and callings. I believe that the key to seeing the signs and hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit in this hour, and specifically with respect the approach of 08-08-08, will be that found within the practical and prayerful application of John 5:19 and John 5:30. In John 5:19, Jesus declared that He only did what He saw the Father doing. In John 5:30, Jesus declared that He only did what He heard the Father saying. In this context, I believe it is critical in this hour, and at this very moment, to adopt the prayer that asks for “the eyes to see” and “the ears to hear” what the Father is doing and saying to each of us, with respect to the massive turntable that many of us are rapidly approaching as we move into 2008.

I have prayed that all who find receipt of this word would be quickened with a call to discern the rapid changes approaching each of us as 2008 unfolds.

David Davenport

Copyright © 2005, David A. Davenport
Vision of a Train Yard 02/05/05
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E-Mail: MustPressOn[at]gmail[dot]com

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Gordon Lindsay Quote

“It is in recognizing the actual presence of God that we find prayer no longer a chore, but a supreme delight.”

Gordon Lindsay, co-founder of Christ For the Nations Insitute

Awaken the Dawn 2008

On behalf of the Awaken the Dawn team, I want to extend an invitation to you to join us for the 4th annual Awaken the Dawn (February 21-24) here in Fredericksburg, Virginia. This year we are expecting great things as God is preparing to move mightily on the college campuses in this hour. We have assembled a team of speakers to minister—these are men and women whose hearts burn to see God do mighty things in this generation.

Main speakers will include Pete Greig, the founder and leader of 24-7 prayer UK; Allen Hood and Corey Russell from IHOP in Kansas City and the Forerunner School of Ministry; and Shara Pradhan, a graduate of Princeton who carries a mantle for revival on the campuses of America—among other speakers.

Although the scope of ATD 2008 is on reaching the emering generation, one emphasis this year will be on the university campuses in America. This will be a strategic gathering for campus ministers and leaders on the campuses. Without delving into the details of what is currently transpiring, I do want to highlight an amazing God encounter that Pete Greig had back in 2005 that serves as the backdrop for this gathering. While attending a conference in California with a fellow co-laborer, Pete Greig was awakened one night by the audible voice of the Lord, which left an indelible mark upon him: "Campus America. Call Campus America to pray." Due to the weightiness of the word of the Lord, Pete intentionally waited until he felt released from the Lord to share this word on a public platform in America.

Now is the karios time to share the vision.

The vision is to put a prayer room with a strong mission orientation on every campus in America. It is our desire to mobilize representatives from every major university in the Virginia/Washington DC/Maryland region and beyond to participate in the ATD this year. Awaken the Dawn 2008 starts on February 21 (Thursday night) and concludes on Sunday with a 12 hour solemn assembly. More information can be read at http://www.awakenthedawn.net/

David Bradshaw, the catalyst-leader behind the Awaken the Dawn, accurately writes that “what is brewing right now on university campuses is totally unprecedented.” This is so true. Without question, prayer is on the Father’s heart right now for the campuses in America. What transpires on the campuses in 2009 and 2010 depends on how we respond in this hour.

I want to echo one of the themes of Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby: Find what God is doing in your generation and get involved! If you are involved in campus ministry, I want to challenge you to prayerfully consider joining us in Fredericksburg, Virginia for the ATD 2008. If you know a campus pastor, college student, someone who works on a college campus or simply someone who has a heart for the emerging generation than I want you to send them this invitation. Regardless of who you are, we believe that you will come away with a renewed passion for the Lord; a greater understanding of what the Lord desires to do in this hour on the university campuses; new God-ordained relationships with other passionate believers and leaders; and practical means to reach the emerging generation. The need in this hour is great.

Let us know how we can serve you. Both David Bradshaw and I can be reached via email. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to further discuss anything pertaining to this invitation.

For the Cause,

Brian Francis Hume

David Bradshaw


P.S. You can also find Awaken the Dawn 2008 on Facebook.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Emerge: Kirk Bennett

Last Friday night Aneta and I went to the Encountering God Gathering at Grace Church of Fredericksburg. This is a weekly meeting every Friday night at 7:30 intended to bring together believers in this region to worship, pray and hear anointed preaching. Once a month the leadership team will bring in speakers who are quite well known with the prophetic/prayer streams of the body of Christ such as Steve Thompson, Corey Russell and recently, Kirk Bennett. Kirk is the founder of Zadok House of Prayer (ZHOP) in Ft. Mill, South Carolina. He was originally a part of the seminal IHOP in Kansas City. He is recognized by others as a father in the faith to many. Here are a few things that I learned about him that night:

He is originally from Baltimore, Maryland.

His daughter is an anointed worship leader!

In 1997 the Lord called him out of a career path to take the helms of church of 500 literally overnight!

He is the founder of 7 Thunder: Our mission is to release a generation to pray and prophesy!

On 07-07-06 the Lord spoke to his heart to do a weekly teaching every Friday on the priesthood. Now he has 50 sessions that are available via his website.

He shared a few insights worth noting here:

He warned us concerning the religious spirit, especially those who are “religious about not being religious.” This is so true! We have all met people (and possibly seen this in our own hearts) who are quick to slam churches, ministries, etc. because they’re deemed as being too religious when in fact the very person making these assumptions is quite religious about “not being religious.” Now certainly there are “religious” institutional churches out there that are void of life that I would stay away from unless the Lord specifically called me there to bring life—but I’m referring to churches that others knock simply because they’re not quite up-to-date on the latest moves of the Spirit, expressions of worship or leadership structure.

Kirk also spoke a few minutes on the necessity of humility. He kept exhorting the audience to “go low!” One statement in this vein that really struck me was the following (my paraphrase): You may be able to fake humility before man but you cannot fake humility before God! When he shared these words something in my heart longed to come into the full revelation of the Son of God who states, “learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart.” (Matthew 11:29)

At the conclusion of the meeting, I responded to the altar call for those desiring the grace of God for fasting and to pray for the next 21 days of fasting that will culminate with the Awaken the Dawn gathering at Grace Church. I lingered around after everyone else strolled out—my heart longed to come into a greater revelation of the Son of God. I cried out to the Lord for his mercy. As I did so, I became increasingly aware of the pride within my own heart that has continually resisted God in relation to walking in the fullness of my calling as an intercessor. I will share more on this later regarding my journey in the pursuit of the intercessory calling. I started writing it out for this article, but I realized that much more reflection was necessary on my part before delving into this.

Overall it was a great meeting!

For the Cause,

Brian Francis Hume