Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ministry in Austin!

I am back in Virginia after an intense ministry trip to Austin. Overall it was a great weekend in the Lord. There is great expectation building in my spirit that we are on a VERGE of something quite significant. I can sense it strongly in my own spirit.

We opened with a Friday night session at the Baptist Association building downtown Austin. The message for the evening was on the theme of the mercy of God. Overall I felt a lack of unction—I didn’t get my usual time with the Lord prior to the meeting due to some unexpected circumstances. Normally when I minister I MUST spend quality time before the Lord ministering unto Him. It helps me to focus not on myself, but on what He desires along with his heart for those in attendance. Plus I had somehow forgotten my extensive notes on this very topic so I was scampering to recall everything I had initially prepared. Nonetheless I trust that the Lord brought a fresh understanding to those in attendance concerning the God of mercy and the need to see this reality demonstrated in Austin.

Saturday we spent several hours at the state Supreme Court of Texas, which is downtown Austin. Then afterwards we met with Pastor Charles and Liz Robinson for dinner. They are quite a dynamic couple who desire to release influencers to bring about kingdom changes in Austin. It is not a surprise that they are gifted prophetically since they are a part of Christian International Apostolic Ministries. I appreciate them making me feel so welcomed. Sunday morning at church it was evident that the Lord desired to do something significant. At one point I felt that we were on the cusp of something breaking through but it seemed to elude our grasp. However it must be noted that the Lord’s Presence permeated the meeting. I believe that there were many people set free that morning. Overall the ministry was POWERFUL as Jesus touched lives. God enabled me to preach with much authority and power! And I was able to prophesy over a lot of people. At one point I called forth people who felt that they came to church “with a monkey on their back” and many responded. I believe by the end of the meeting many were strengthened in the Lord.

During the weekend I was interviewed on Austin Arise Radio show that is hosted by Barbara Bucklin and C. Benjamin Anyacho. I shared about the prophetic words that the Lord has given me for the city of Austin. Overall I enjoyed it so much.

On Monday Barbara interviewed me on the Austin Arise Television show along with a minister from George Otis’ ministry. We taped three 30 minute shows that will be shown in Austin the next few weeks—each show will run 6-8 times each week. We talked about transforming revival, discipleship, community transformation, among other things. In the second episode I started prophesying over people watching the show. It was WILD! At one point, I started prophesying what the Lord was showing me in the TV studio concerning a woman who needed healing by the name of Susan Gardner. I didn't know if there was even a Susan Gardner in Austin. Then the host of the show suddenly says, "I know Susan Gardner!" It was powerful! I also prophesied that a man named Frank Albright had a broken heart because he has lost his daughter. I wasn’t sure if this was literally or if it was simply a separation due to custody battle lost, but I knew this man was in much pain. God is restoring his life right now. Also I prophesied that there was a couple who were from Alaska had moved to Austin but were still looking for their niche in the city. It was clear to me that they were watchmen sent to Austin.

Then Monday night I ministered again at the Luke 4:18 Ministries which was a powerful time in the Lord. I primarily shared on how the Lord uses the hopelessness that we go through in our own lives that in order that we become an OVERCOMER who can become a voice of hope to others. It was a difficult message because I did share some from my own experiences—yet most importantly Christ was magnified as many responded. I ended up praying and prophesying over people until about 1:00am. God is good!

Interestingly during the whole weekend I had so MANY people who came up to me to tell me that I would be back to Austin. This was a confirmation in my spirit. I believe I will be flying back in June. This past trip I met so many wonderful people. I am so thankful for those who made this trip possible. Barb Bucklin, thank you for everything! And thank you to those of you who prayed for me!

Loving Jesus,

Brian Francis Hume

Monday, April 21, 2008

Ministry Trip to Austin, Texas

This Friday (April 25) I will be flying to Austin, Texas to minister there before flying back home on Tuesday the 29th. Please pray for me as the Lord leads. The last time I ministered in Texas the Lord gave me a strong prophetic word for Austin. Here is an excerpt from a previous blog posting:

“During the message, [main session at a conference in Temple, Texas] the Holy Spirit suddenly directed me to declare, 'The King of glory is coming to Austin, the King of Glory is coming to Austin, the King of Glory is coming to Austin.' Each time I declared it, it came forth with greater authority. It was a prophetic declaration that was from the very heart of God.“

This is my schedule thus far:

Friday, April 25—I will be teaching on the MERCY of God in preparation for The Mercy Seat on Saturday. Time and location to be announced soon. I'll post it here as soon as I learn the new information. UPDATE: This will be held at the Baptist Association Headquarters in Austin at 7:00.

Saturday, April 26THE MERCY SEAT with Bound4life (founded by Lou Engle). They're encouraging believers to go to their state capital for a silent siege against abortion. You can check out their website to learn more information about how to participate in your state or in Washington, DC.

Sunday, April 27—I will be ministering at the Tree of Life International in north Austin on Sunday morning at 10:30. Check out their website for directions:

Sunday evening I will be sharing at a meeting for regional intercessors.

Monday, April 28—I will be ministering at the Luke 4:18 Ministries. Last month I ministered here and the Lord moved powerfully upon the people present. This ministry was founded by Barbara Bucklin who is a true "watchman on the wall" in Austin. They meet (I think at 6:00) for a meal before converging for worship and ministry. Here is the address: 203 Rolling Green Dr Austin, TX 78734

I'm excited about all that the Lord has in mind for this upcoming trip. I'm praying for God's direction and leading in all of this so that Christ is glorified! I sense that there is going to be tremendous breakthrough!

For the Cause,

Brian Francis Hume

Monday, April 7, 2008

Pray for Draper Smith

Please pray for Draper Smith, he was involved in a multiple car wreck on his way back from The Call Alabama. He was driving along Interstate 20 near Ruston, Louisiana when a car going roughly 105 miles per hour crossed the median into oncoming cars in Draper’s lane. I don’t know all the details of the accident, but Draper overall is good (considering it could have been potentially fatal). He is now resting in the hospital and is expected to be released shortly. He is still somewhat "startled" by all of this, but he is still displaying his usual self as he praises God for protecting him. As far as he is aware, he was the only car (approximately 4 or 5 were involved) that did not flip. Indeed it was a close call. Draper and I had been in contact frequently during the weekend, praying together over the phone for his trip.

Draper and his lovely wife just had a daughter (Jasmine Glory) back in January. They also have two “energizer” boys that resemble Draper! Please pray for them during this time too as I imagine it is a hard time for them. Draper’s mom is driving from Texas to pick up Draper tonight.

Thank you for praying for Draper!


Here is a brief update on Draper from his wife, LaVece:

"Hi Brian, thank you so much for your prayers!!! Draper is home and doing well, although he is not completely pain free. He will be resting for the next couple of weeks, but feel free to call and speak with him (or me if he is not available). Please pray for an expedient healing!! Thanks so much for everything, we truly appreciate you."

Here is a verse that the Lord put on my heart for him that we can all declare over Draper as we pray for him: I WILL NOT DIE BUT LIVE, AND WILL PROCLAIM WHAT THE LORD HAS DONE. (Psalm 118:17)

When I spoke to Draper last night after the accident, he was still a little disoriented, understandably so. Here is a link (click here) to the brief report in Louisiana. It states that Carlin Coley was taken to LSU Health Sciences Center in Shreveport for treatment where he is reportedly in serious, but stable condition.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Mantle of Francis Asbury

Please click on WHIRLWINDS, MANTLES & SHIFTING NATIONS to read this article on Brian Francis Hume's new website.

I visited the George Arnold Home on March 17, 2006.