Thursday, January 26, 2012

Zeke Lam | subMISSION

As many of you know I started Burning Lamp Media &Publishing at the end of 2010. After a year of much prayer and hard work, we finally published our first book—subMISSION: heeding only His voice by ZekeLam.

I first met Zeke back in 2009 at the Global Day of Prayer event in Culpeper, Virginia where we were both invited to minister. Immediately upon meeting Zeke, I could see his deep passion for Christ and for those in need of the liberating power of the Gospel message. Over the next 18 months our paths crossed multiple times.

Then in early 2011 we had a divine orchestration that would forever alter our paths. Previously we agreed to pray together weekly about a vision to launch The Circuit Riders (a topic for another time!)—however, during a particular phone conversation, I shared that I was going to start publishing Christian books through Burning Lamp. Immediately Zeke confided to me that he was about to finish up a book that he had started called subMISSION. I was intrigued. From that point on the Lord had us partner together to publish his first book, which was released on December 1, 2011. 

It was a learning experience for us both while also deepening a friendship between us—and our families. My wife adores his wife, and my girls love playing with his rough-and-tumble boys! We know this couple personally and we can attest to their walk of integrity before God—and to the verifiable fruit of a calling as an evangelist. (If you’re looking for an evangelist to come minister to your church, campus ministry, or at a conference—please consider Zeke Lam.)  

You can read his bio on our Burning Lamp Featured Author page.

Also I want to give you permission to share our Burning Lamp banners featuring Zeke's book on your blog, website, or Facebook page. On Facebook go to our Burning Lamp Media & Publishing page and you'll locate the three banners that we have available, each with a powerful quote from Zeke's book. 

Here are some guest interviews and articles that Zeke has done on various blogs in the past month.

MARY AND MARTHA (Naomi Dawn Musch)



UPDATE:  In 2013 Zeke moved his family to Gainesville, Virginia to plant a church, Submission Ministries Fellowship. Visit them at their Facebook page or to their website to learn more information. 



Zeke Lam said...

Thank you brother for your kind words. You and your family have certainly been a huge blessing to my family, and we value our friendship together. It is amazing how God has placed all this together. I know that He has mighty plans for Burning Lamp, and it is an honor to be a part of it!
This blog looks great. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

You need a page that tells where you are going to be speaking at. I heard you will be in Seadrift, Tx. in May but was wanting to know the exact date and time not to mention where?