Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Set Apart for God

Man is looking for better methods and God is looking for better men.
Men are God’s method.
EM Bounds

There are times when the Lord speaks a word brimming with revelation that resonates deep within the heart of my heart, the core of my core. One of those times was through the following statement that I wrote down: The work of God through a man is first determined by the work of God in a man. In other words, what we do for God is contingent upon what God has done in our own hearts. Has God wrought forth such a deep work in your life that the quality of it is evident in the lives of people within your sphere? One reason that the kingdom of God fails to substantially penetrate our God-ordained sphere is that we haven’t permitted the Spirit of God to penetrate deep within our own heart.

What is really in your heart? Is it set apart for God?

This week I am anticipating great things as I prepare for the Awaken the Dawn conference. Recently I ordered a book for several of our guest speakers called Set Apart For God: The Call to a Surrendered Life – it is written by Ugandan Pastor John Mulinde. It is a book that penetrates the heart. Why does it penetrate the heart? – because the man writing the book has allowed the Spirit of God to probe deep within his own life. He himself is writing from a heart that is set apart for God, as evident in the following:

“By calling us to be set apart for Him, the Lord is seeking to take us to levels far beyond what we would be capable of in normal circumstances. We need to go that extra mile if we are to make any meaningful impact on the nations of our generation. Some of these things we truly cannot do for ourselves, we don’t even know how. Some weaknesses and shortcomings we are not even aware of but in the process of being set apart, the Lord will do exceedingly, abundantly above what we can ask or even imagine.” (36)

I appreciate the understanding that there are aspects of the surrendered life that we cannot simply conjure on our own. It is a grace thing that we enter into wholeheartedly, trusting Him to change us as we pursue His face.
My heart is full of anticipation as I mull over the phrase “Set Apart for God” – invoking much hunger for the Lord deep within. It is pregnant with life and revelation. And I also believe that it is the cry of every redeemed human spirit, to live wholly unto the Lord. Possibly you're in a place where there is a lack of deep hunger for the Lord Himself. First, if necessary, repent for allowing your desires to be fixated upon other things. Then allow the Spirit of God to quicken your spirit so that you hunger for Him deep within your being. Cultivate this daily through the Word, prayer, communion with the Holy Spirit, fasting, etc.

Where are you on this journey of being “Set Apart for God?” What insights do you have that you could share on this blog? I want to open up this discussion for all to participate. We will continue to explore this topic further in the weeks to come.

Also the next few days during the ATD conference I will be posting daily to share the highlights of what God is doing in our midst.

Become The Cause,

Brian Francis Hume

P.S. If you want the book, consider ordering it through The Arsenal, which is based in Colorado Springs, owned by my good friend Brad Herman. The book is published in England so I doubt if you’re going to find it in the bookstores. I try to buy as many of my books from The Arsenal because I know that Brad is Christ-centered. Books are probably a tad cheaper through Amazon, but I rather invest my money in a kingdom-minded business.

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Anonymous said...

This is a much needed word of Truth and Encouragement. Thanks for living in the degree of submission necessary to hear it from the Lord, Brian.
You are so appreciated!

The Lord spoke this to me this morning:

"You all do not realize that I AM totally committed to you and the Kingdom initiatives that I call you to!"

There is some hurt in His sacred heart.

I repented to Him of doubt and unbelief and I told Him that I wanted my repentance to soothe Him and to cause Him joy.

Folks, He is not dabbling around you and your ministry!

He is not toying with you to check your reaction.

This is Not a test.

The Father has invested all that is Priceless and Holy--His Jesus--into your ministry.

He backs you 100%.

Please know that as you preach, prophesy, lay hands on the sick, pray, evangelize, distribute food.

Please know this in all you do, that as you do it unto Him He is 100% available and He is 100% for you.

Stop waiting for a sign, beloved.

These signs shall follow YOU.

You are His vessel and His vehicle to implement the Kingdom. There is no other.

Now, what will you do?

Be encouraged.