Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Time to Be Born...

There are exciting times in life when God seems to bring forth many things at once. Such a time is now as the Lord has directed us to pursue His purposes for our lives in many various avenues. One being is the timing to start a family. Yes, Aneta is pregnant! She is now almost 13 weeks into the pregnancy! We are so excited, and desire to share this good news with those who frequent our blog!

Interestingly we found out on the first day of spring, (March 21) after we had our first TNT (The New Thing) home group meeting in our home. Another couple who have also started a TNT home group for young adults are also expecting! They are about three weeks ahead of us. Our due date is November 26. Overall I am quite excited about becoming a father.

As the Lord leads, please keep us in prayer during this transitional season. Obviously we will be giving birth to our first child. And, at the same time we will be giving birth to a ministry that the Lord has called us to pursue. My contract work for DTRI will be completed at some point this summer. I am hoping to be able to travel within the state of Virginia to minister to the emerging generation in a manner that awakens both the slumbering church and the spiritually dead. The times are urgent. We desperately need to see God do both an igniting work and a sustaining work: In essence we need Him!

We are also presently making plans to attend The Call Nashville on 07-07-07. Although one doesn’t necessarily have to be in attendance to participate in this solemn assembly, I think it is advantageous for those whom the Lord is singling out to attend. Is God calling your to be a part of this gathering? If so, do whatever it takes to be there. I know for many people it won't be "convenient" or easy due to work schedules, finances, and travel - but, if the Lord is calling you to be there, by all means obey the Lord!

My heart burns to see the generations come together to seek God’s face for His mercy for our nation. There really is something that the Lord is birthing in our midst. This isn't the time to hold back. Go for God with all of your might in the grace that He supplies! I’ll write more on this in the days to come.


Brian & Aneta


Cathy said...

WOW I am so stoked! exciting!

The Call Nashville! Ive been reading about it and wish I could go, but like you said, we can participate from a distance too, which I'll plan to do.

Thanks for keeping us updated on everything...

Evangelist said...


Thanks for visiting

God bless you on your journey.

Christin said...

BRIAN!!!! That is great news! Our kids are the best thing that happened to us as a COUPLE. Fun fun time ahead, my friend!!!