Thursday, June 14, 2007

Phil Sawyer: People Get Ready...Jesus is Coming!

I want to share this prophetic word that a young man from my church put on his facebook site. It really resonated with my heart. His name is Phil Sawyer and he is about 18ish and comes from a rock solid family who are devoted unto the Lord Jesus. Truly a precious family and this young man has an exceptional call upon his life.

June 3, 2007

"OK, so here's what I'm feeling from the Lord right now:

Righteousness, Redemption, and Revival are coming to our nation!!! I believe it!! I feel the groanings and shakings of it in the Spirit.

And I believe that the Fall is going to be a time where shakings and, ultimately, BREAKTHROUGH happens on a scale we can't even comprehend right now...I honestly think that we just don't have any scale to measure what God is wanting to pour out! That being said, I think this summer is a CRUCIAL transitional season...a season of preparation. I feel an increase in the activity of the the lives of individuals and over entire regions...and I believe that something bigger than what we see is happening...God is divinely setting things up! I feel an urging in the Spirit to surrender ourselves totally to His mercy and power. There is a greater measure of grace that's coming!! In fact, in many ways, it's already here. And it's here to LIBERATE the CHILDREN OF GOD!!!!

There is a nation-wide REPENTANCE going on right now. I earnestly feel that it's something that the entire church in America NEEDS to be in. This is really not a good time to have a normal summer. This is really a good time to cry out to God like never ever before!

"But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus." Phil. 3:13-14

Let's forget what lies behind. I just especially keep thinking of past experiences...specifically those in which people sought God radically and were disappointed, so have since settled into a "well-balanced" Christian life. Man. I just really feel that it is time now to "[forget] what is behind and [strain] toward what is ahead." And the beautiful thing about it is, is there is no hype or striving involved!! God has just really reminded me that it's OK to feel nothing. It's not like were trying to jump on the "radical Christian bandwagon" where everyone has to be on Jesus high. It's actually OK not to feel that...but it's NOT OK to let that keep us from seeking the Lord!! He's so good, and He is coming to liberate us, and fill us with His Spirit and His power, and make us burning shining lamps that shine with the fire that's in His eyes!!!!! SO FORGET WHAT'S BEHIND AND LET'S RUN!"

Wow! Amen!

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Karen said...


Something about that resonates although, until now, I could not put it into concrete thoughts/ words like Paul did. I guess I am finding myself in the midst of a "different" kind of summer and its "uncomfortable" yet I know that there is something of grave importance going on. It's comforting to hear that this is occuring on many fronts!

Thanks, Brian,