Monday, July 9, 2007

The Call Nashville

I am back from The Call Nashville after an eleven hour ride in the car. It is good to be back home to see my beautiful wife! In one week we are going to have a sonogram to find out if our first baby is a boy or a girl! Needless to say, I am quite excited!

Overall it was an exhilarating, but exhausting trip. A number of people whom I have conversed with so far are worn out physically, but are renewed spiritually due to the pilgrimage to this solemn assembly. As one guy stated: It was off the charts! Hopefully he was talking about the Lord and not the heat!

During The Call it was HOT in the direct sunlight. Obviously intense exposure to sunlight affects the body. Since no beverages were allowed in the stadium except for one small bottle of water, all drinks had to be purchased. Never in my life have I ever paid so much money for three small bottles of Gatorade! (twelve bucks!) It is amazing how a little heat will cause us to do things we normally would never do!

Altogether the trip was very significant for me personally. First I was able to reconnect with a high school friend that I haven't seen in 15 years! Interestingly we initially reconnected on Facebook when I came across his picture and name on an event page promoting The Call Nashville. Since then we have been in constant communication. The Call Nashville was the first opportunity I had to see him face-to-face. I was able to spend Friday with him and his precious family. Darrian is the worship leader for Bishop Wellington Boone in Atlanta. He has a tremendous calling upon his life.

I believe that a shift did transpire on some level. Ultimately the question remains: Will we continue to respond to the Lord as He seeks to bring transformation to our nation? As Rick Joyner so accurately stated at the conclusion, it isn’t about what we do at The Call that matters as much as what we do the next day, one month later or six months down the road. In other words we must daily shift our hearts so that it is in alignment with the heart of God for this hour. Will I still be crying out to the Lord for an awakening in our land or will the "excitement" of the event wear off? Will I be a different person, demonstrating a greater measure of Christlikeness in my life? These are critical questions that each one of us must ponder in order to daily pursue the Lord in this matter.

It will take a few days to digest everything, but another thing that I felt was quite significant was James Ryle sharing at the end about his “Sons of Thunders” prophecy. I mentioned this recently in reference to its application to what was transpiring with The Call Nashville; yet, I was not aware that James Ryle was going to share this prophecy at this historical gathering.

I will share more in the coming days as I reflect further on the overall implications of this solemn assembly for the Church and for me personally.

Also I would love to hear from each of you regarding how The Call Nashville has impacted you. Possibly you weren't able to actually go, but were able to watch it on God tv. Please share anything that you think might be beneficial for others.


Karen said...

Hey Brian:

Thanks for the update from one of those who was there "in heart" but could not attend physically. I just believe that we, as a body/nation, are in transition and, as your young man prophesied earlier, this summer, that means we are in an uncomfortable place. The Lord knows that we cannot go to the next level without leaving something behind. Death before resurrection is a continual process, isnt it? Whether we were at The Call, or not, if we are sincerely seeking and crying out, like I know that many many are, then we are experiencing "something". In time we will "know" what is happening, huh? *smile*
Oh I am sure the baby is a girl bc you have dreamed, for years, to name your first child after me and Sarah...Karen Sarah Hume...what a ring...:o)


Kingdom Shifts said...


In terms of names for our firstborn, we are praying. Honestly I can't say that I've thought about "Karen Sarah" for a girl. Think about it, it simply wouldn't be fair to place such expectations upon a child after naming them after you and Sarah! *grin*