Thursday, November 1, 2007

Russell the Revivalist

This Friday and Saturday Corey Russell of IHOP-KC will be here at Grace Church of Fredericksburg on November 2 and 3. Each night the meeting will start at 7pm, which is different than the normal meeting time. Please consider coming at 6:30 pm to pray before the meeting.

Check out his website. He writes concerning himself:

"I, Corey Russell, have been a senior leader at the International House of Prayer located in Kansas City, Missouri for the last six years. IHOP is a prayer and worship ministry that has 84 prayer meetings a week and has continued 24/7 for the last 7 years. The IHOP missions’ base is filled with approximately 1000 intercessory missionaries, students, interns who raise their own support to give themselves primarily to the place of prayer and fasting. I have led in multiple roles of training, discipling, instructing those that the Lord is sending here, while my wife has sang as a prophetic singer. Our daughters, Trinity (7) and Mya (3) are growing up in an atmosphere where prayer and fasting are normal realities of life.Currently, I spend the majority of my time and energy in the prayer room giving myself to the place of prayer and fasting. In addition to this, I co-lead an internship of 60 young adults and also teach several classes at our bible school (FSM) on intercession and the forerunner ministry. I usually travel twice a month nationally and internationally calling the church back to her first love through prayer and fasting. I’m convinced that the great need of the hour is the knowledge of God. We need a corporate returning to God through gatherings of prayer and fasting and we need it now."

Also check out a recent message he preached on TBN's Praise the Lord show that was featured on Friday, October 12. He preaches on the necessity of bearing fruit.

Please prayerfully consider making one of the meetings and inviting others to hear this powerful preacher of the gospel. If you live within an hour of Fredericksburg, I highly recommend you making one of the meetings. The address for Grace Church is as followed:

1141 Heatherstone Drive, Fredericksburg, VA 22407

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Darrian said...


You're probably already familiar with Corey's ministry -- He's very close to my friend Billy Humphrey, here in IHOP-ATL. I've had the pleasure of hearing him on several occasions. Should be a real treat to you and your local body.