Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Emerge: Kirk Bennett

Last Friday night Aneta and I went to the Encountering God Gathering at Grace Church of Fredericksburg. This is a weekly meeting every Friday night at 7:30 intended to bring together believers in this region to worship, pray and hear anointed preaching. Once a month the leadership team will bring in speakers who are quite well known with the prophetic/prayer streams of the body of Christ such as Steve Thompson, Corey Russell and recently, Kirk Bennett. Kirk is the founder of Zadok House of Prayer (ZHOP) in Ft. Mill, South Carolina. He was originally a part of the seminal IHOP in Kansas City. He is recognized by others as a father in the faith to many. Here are a few things that I learned about him that night:

He is originally from Baltimore, Maryland.

His daughter is an anointed worship leader!

In 1997 the Lord called him out of a career path to take the helms of church of 500 literally overnight!

He is the founder of 7 Thunder: Our mission is to release a generation to pray and prophesy!

On 07-07-06 the Lord spoke to his heart to do a weekly teaching every Friday on the priesthood. Now he has 50 sessions that are available via his website.

He shared a few insights worth noting here:

He warned us concerning the religious spirit, especially those who are “religious about not being religious.” This is so true! We have all met people (and possibly seen this in our own hearts) who are quick to slam churches, ministries, etc. because they’re deemed as being too religious when in fact the very person making these assumptions is quite religious about “not being religious.” Now certainly there are “religious” institutional churches out there that are void of life that I would stay away from unless the Lord specifically called me there to bring life—but I’m referring to churches that others knock simply because they’re not quite up-to-date on the latest moves of the Spirit, expressions of worship or leadership structure.

Kirk also spoke a few minutes on the necessity of humility. He kept exhorting the audience to “go low!” One statement in this vein that really struck me was the following (my paraphrase): You may be able to fake humility before man but you cannot fake humility before God! When he shared these words something in my heart longed to come into the full revelation of the Son of God who states, “learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart.” (Matthew 11:29)

At the conclusion of the meeting, I responded to the altar call for those desiring the grace of God for fasting and to pray for the next 21 days of fasting that will culminate with the Awaken the Dawn gathering at Grace Church. I lingered around after everyone else strolled out—my heart longed to come into a greater revelation of the Son of God. I cried out to the Lord for his mercy. As I did so, I became increasingly aware of the pride within my own heart that has continually resisted God in relation to walking in the fullness of my calling as an intercessor. I will share more on this later regarding my journey in the pursuit of the intercessory calling. I started writing it out for this article, but I realized that much more reflection was necessary on my part before delving into this.

Overall it was a great meeting!

For the Cause,

Brian Francis Hume

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Cathy said...

Thanks for the reminder to Go Low!! Humility in its truest sense, goes SO low its under the radar and completely undetectable. Hence,the element of ambush the enemy..I love that about God - everything is turned upside down..