Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Prophetic Word for the University of Maryland

Recently the University of Maryland has been on my heart. I've had two recent dreams related to this school that are quite significant. The Lord birthed a strong prophetic word in my spirit during the afternoon worship at the Awaken the Dawn conference on Friday, February 22. This gathering had a strong emphasis on the campuses of America. It was an intense time of worship and this is what I sensed the Lord saying to me concerning the University of Maryland. Please stand with me in praying for the existing leadership of the campus ministries and for a Christ-centered movement to come forth that will forever transform lives!

Isaiah 43:19See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.

The Lord is indeed calling the believers to CONTEND for night and day prayer at the University of Maryland. March is going to be a very significant month for them. It seems as if it is a karios time that requires much obedience and diligence to respond to the Lord in this hour. What I hear the Lord saying is “Spring BreakTHROUGH”. Many thought they were going to go home for the spring break, but the Lord has other plans in mind. In fact there are many students who have struggled with trying to make plans for their spring break, but nothing felt like the right thing to do. This unsettling is of the Lord and I believe as students hear this clarion call to “Spring BreakTHROUGH” they will respond with faith and enthusiasm—something will connect within their hearts.

As they pray through this assignment that the Lord is releasing to them, they will see tremendous fruit in the aftermath. I believe the time around April 6th will be very significant. What appears almost as if anarchy has been unleashed on the campus, God will prevail over the situation as the believers continue to contend in prayer and through the proclamation of the gospel. Resistance will seem to rise up, but continue to contend in faith. Spring breakTHROUGH will come forth!

There is one more thing that is of utmost importance during this season in praying for the University of Maryland—the African American demographic. Don’t be surprised to see God do a tremendous work on this campus through a move of God’s Spirit in the African American students. Target the African American sororities and fraternities—and specifically the football players. Something is brewing here in the heart of God. God wants to unleash a powerful move of His Spirit, unlike anything this campus has ever seen. When this happens, it will spill over into the neighboring cities and campuses. This region will become a hub of revival. It will actually capture the attention of the secular media because it will be such a work of transformation in the lives of those affected. And what is triggered this spring will carry over through the summer into the fall semester of 2008. The work that is initiated now will not be in vain.

Saints at the University of Maryland, prepare for your Spring BreakTHROUGH!

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sarahleah said...

What a lovely thought about the Hebrew Letter Hey. Thank you. You brightened my day.
You might be intersted in my interpretatiion of the Hey -
and this meditation -

Anyway thanks a million for your words.