Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ministry Trip to Texas & Minnesota

I'm about to embark upon a ministry trip to Texas and Minnesota. I will leave Friday night for Texas where I'll meet my good friend Steve Burke of The Lord Will Provide ministries. Steve is a passionate man-of-God who thrives living life on the edge! We don't really know what to expect on this trip, but I know that there have been things percolating within my heart to release prophetically over this state. This is a critical time for that region.

Then I fly back to Texas to minister at a revival in Sweetwater, Virginia from August 8-10. I will be ministering along with Draper Smith whom many of you know. Draper ministered there two months ago. At that time he mentioned to the pastors that he felt that something was about to breakthrough in their church—Draper encouraged the pastors to invite me to come and minister there. Evidently I had met Jason and Beverly Trupp when I ministered at the Encountering God's Glory conference back in March. I could vaguely recall what I had said to them, but I did receive an email several days ago from the pastor that was encouraging:

"I don't know if I ever told you what happened after you prophesied to us at the conference in Temple. You said it would be another two months in the wilderness. News we were not want to receive, I assure you. Two months later, nearly to the day the phone rang and we were chosen as the pastors of this church and hired at the school on the same day. God so easily swept open every door and ushered us into our destiny. It's not because you spoke a wonderful, happy, make-us-feel-good word that we want you to come, but because you spoke the truth accurately and boldly. We give God thanks always for you, Brian."

Praise God! What a blessing! Draper and I will be ministering Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. Also we'll be ministering at the Sunday morning service.

The location is Cornerstone Fellowship Foursquare Church. Call the church for directions: 806-237-2991.

Please pray for me as the Lord leads. I'm expecting great things on this trip!

For the Cause,

Brian Francis Hume

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Anonymous said...

Hey, wish I could come, but I'll be praying :)