Friday, December 12, 2008

Ed's Recommended Leadership Books

I am always on the lookout for good leadership books to read. Often I’ll spend time on Google to find leadership bibliographies in order to track down worthwhile sources. Also I like reading book reviews on Amazon to get a feel for certain books that I'm considering purchasing.

A few months ago I came across Ed Brenegar's website while researching a specific topic in leadership. I enjoyed his articles and contacted him to express my appreciation. We have continued a rapport through Facebook. Ed is the owner of Community of Leadership, which is a "consultancy speciallizing in leadership development, change management and transition planning." He describes himself on his Facebook page: "I am a husband, father, Presbyterian minister, business man, Boy Scout leader, and writer, columnist and blogger." He has also served as a professor in leadership thought.

Last week I asked him to consider sharing his top recommended leadership books—he graciously obliged. Here is the article: A Leadership Book List.

It is an excellent list for those involved in organizational leadership and who desire to build an ongoing framework for successful leadership that is action-oriented and not just theoretical.

Check out the list. Do any of the books appeal to you?


Raymond E. Foster said...

Great list - linked back to it - the leadership challenge is a good book - especially for supervisors and middle managers.

Becky said...

I liked the "Leadership Challenge" reminds me of another great book, "The Expert's Edge," by Ken Lizotte. Both very motivational books.

Ed Brenegar said...

Brian, thanks for your kind comments.
I have two questions for your readers.
1. What's missing from the list?
2. If each of you were to write a book on leadership, what would it be about?