Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rick Joyner Quote on Moral Clarity

“Moral clarity and moral resolve will always push the darkness back. Martin Luther is one of the great examples of this in history. He was but a monk, living in a small village in a nation that at the time was broken and obscure. However, when Martin Luther took his stand on his convictions and refused to compromise them regardless of the consequences, the whole world changed. No conqueror in history changed the political landscape of the world as much as that one monk did by taking his stand for the truth as he saw it. Even thought he was not right about everything, and even had some very bad theology mixed into his beliefs, he did have moral clarity in a time when very few others did. Such will set the course of history just like he did. Such people are desperately needed in these times.” -Rick Joyner, 2004 article

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