Friday, March 26, 2010

FIRE ON THE ALTAR in Hernnhut, Germany

I want to encourage you to attend this strategic gathering in Hernnhutt, Germany if you're able to. My wife and I spent a day in Hernnhutt a few years back, which was a real treasure. Hernnhutt is the location of Count Zinzendorf's estate where he permitted the Moravians to relocate in order to flee religious persecution. Through a series of supernatural events, they eventually launched a 24/7 continual prayer that lasted 100 years. Go to this website for more information.
My dear friends, Jon and Jolene of Lamplighters Ministries are co-hosts of this prayer gathering. James Goll will be one of the primary speakers at this gathering. I would strongly encourage you to read his book, "The Lost Art of Intercession". The first chapter opens with an experience he has in Hernnhutt with a group of intercessors. The book is worth its weight in gold for those whose hearts yearn to live a lifestyle of intercession. Plus this book will help you to understand the significance of the Moravians and their influence even in today's prayer movement.

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Kelly Deppen said...

This is so KEY.
GO there, and if not READ the book. I have given away many, many copies of Jame's book. It is a primer for prayer and changing society!