Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Family Tradition

I came across this brief account of a godly Mom who went the extra mile to celebrate Valentine's Day with her family as a reminder of God's love for all. The story so inspired me that I'm determined that my wife and I take the responsibility to celebrate God's love in a tangible and unique way. While the world focuses on the eros "love"; I want to build a foundation in my family that is centered upon Christ's AGAPE love (Greek word for love that implies an unconditional love).

Enjoy the reading by Donna Daigle on her blog, FIERY HEART.

I was in my teens before I realized that Valentine’s day was viewed by most people as a romantic holiday. My mom has always been a bit of a nut about Feb. 14th. We always had little valentines to give our friends at school and usually had something red or pink to wear.
When we got home from school, the pink table cloth would go on the table and the red glasses and plates would come out, there was always a heart shaped cake, flowers on the table, napkins with hearts on them and heart shaped doilies in red, white, silver, pink and gold just about everywhere! My mom would fix a favorite of everyone’s, usually some meat with plenty of gravy for my dad, beets for me and macaroni for my sister.

My dad always had a heart shaped velvet box of chocolate for my mom and my mom had presents for all of us. Not just little things either. It was always something nice, like a new dress or jewelry or once I got a book of Elizabeth Barrett Browning Sonnets.

After dinner my mom would get out her Bible and read to us different passages that showed us how much God loves us, always ending up in John 3.

I always thought everyone saw Valentine’s Day as a big holiday like Easter or Christmas! It was a bit of a rude awakening when I discovered that we were a very rare family in this!

My mom is 91 and still loves Valentine’s Day. It has always been her day of celebration of God’s love pouring out on and through her.

Father, let me be like my mom in this! Thank you, Father, for placing me in such a wonderful home!

Happy Valentine’s Day, my friends!

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