Thursday, April 21, 2011

Daddy’s Love Hugs | Bruce Aspgren

Sitting at a table at the local homeless shelter park, a mother with 3 children asked for prayer.

After praying one of her sons came over to me, he looked me in the eyes and asked me, "Are you a daddy?" I answered yes.

His next words touched deep within my soul.

He asked me, “Can you give me a love hug like a daddy would?” I looked to the mother and she had tears she nodded yes. I reached out and placed him in front of me on my lap and wrapped my arms around him. I can't tell you any more of a reason why I am a minister—I too remember that a daddy should come to the park and give love hugs.


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Anonymous said...

For BrBruce & Mary
And it came to pass one night in the
Arizona desert there were two young
Boys. They Were spending the first
of many long nights in an orphanage
together. The youngest was around
5 and the oldest was maybe 9 the
Youngest asked as only a scared
brother can "are we going to be Ok?"
"are we going to make it in life"
In theHot dusty linen closet that had
been quickly emptied to make room
for the the old metal bunkbeds. The small
Window was opened to let the cool desert
Night breeze move thu the room.
The young boys having no pajamas,
were going to bed in just their undershorts
as was the custom of most of the people
that lived in the desert.
The older boy held his younger brother
And said "of course we will be OK,
We will always Love each other no matter
Where we are or what paths our lives takes
We will always have each other." The older
brother could feel his younger brother had
Already fallen asleep in his loving hug.
Please GOD Look after my Little brother brbruce
and his Strong wife Mary.Please ask
brBruce if he knows the story as he was
The younger brother on that night . The
HUG only brother can give.