Friday, April 15, 2011

What Does the Name Brian Mean?

I like my name, Brian. This was not always so in my early days as I perceived it to be somewhat bland, and so uninspiring. However a few years back I decided to research the original meaning of the name to see if there was anything insightful about what Brian meant. Several words emerged such as honorable, noble, strong, high, strength; etymologically speaking, it is believed possibly to derive from Old Celtic, to refer to a hill as in a lofty place, an exalted place. Interestingly during that season in my research via the Internet and in books, I kept coming across the following two words linked together in the following phrase: Strength and Honor.

The original movie poster.
Immediately upon that discovery I thought of the scene in the movie Gladiators at the beginning prior to the Romans’ confrontation with the barbarians. Maximus—the revered commander of the Roman military—valiantly inspires his troops: “Strength and Honor. Strength and Honor. Strength and Honor…Brothers, what we do in life echoes in eternity.”

“Strength and Honor” was used in the movie as a means of reminding each soldier of their code of conduct even in the face of death. I am unaware if it is historically accurate, nonetheless I found myself stirred all the more to become a man of strength and honor. It has significant implications about living a life of courageous faith and inner fortitude of character that emanates the life of Christ. When others call my name, it is a constant reminder: In Christ you exude STRENGTH and HONOR!

In closing I want to pray a blessing over all those who have been given the name BRIAN.

Father, I thank you for those of us that you’ve bestowed upon the name BRIAN—for this was not by accident. And I pray in this forthcoming season that there would be an IGNITING work of your Spirit in our lives so that we may seize the full prophetic implications of our namesake: “STRENGTH and HONOR”.

Ignite us Holy Spirit even in our weakness before you so that we may demonstrate your STRENGTH that confounds the wisdom of this world. Ignite us O Lord as we kneel before you so that your HONOR would go before all mankind.

I declare this day that those named BRIAN will be a part of the army of the Lord and go forth in STRENGTH and HONOR.



Bryan said...

Humin8tor, for obvious reasons (my name) this may be one of my all time favorite posts you have written!!!

I've read that Roman soldiers normally conducted a pre-battle check that concluded by shouting "integritas!" and pounding their fist against their breastplate (heart)... The word is commonly translated as "integrity" in English, but in context the word actually carried all the implications of "strength & honor" as used in Gladiator & probably other movies in the genre.

An excellent challenge & encouragement to live up to our name... Keep it coming!! Bryan

Kingdom Shifts said...

Bryan, thanks for visiting my blog and I appreciate the tidbit that you've learned concerning the history of the Roman military. But most of all I'm glad that you likewise were inspired to "live up to our name".

Strength and Honor!