Friday, May 6, 2011

Dr. Tom Dooley | Ministering in Manassas, Virginia

This Sunday, May 8, my good friend Dr. Tom P. Dooley will be ministering at New Covenant Fellowship in Manassas. The service starts at 10am and I highly recommend that you visit NCF if you are in the northern Virginia region. Click here for directions.

I have known of Tom since 2004 when a former disciple of mine was working for Destiny Image Publishers and he mentioned a book that was creating quite a stir in the office. Obviously that is the kind of book I want to get my hands on! This ripple-effect book was Praying Faith by Tom Dooley (since then he’s written two more books: Half-Truths are Lies; Hope When Everything Seems Hopeless). Within a few days I purchased my copy and I was not disappointed! I reread the book in ’06 and at that point I felt something stirred in my heart about connecting with Tom—I had a “knowing” of sorts that he would be a pivotal part of what God had called me to do in this coming hour. I finally made contact with him in January of ’07. We met face-to-face a month later when he was on a prophetic assignment to Washington, DC. Since then we have spent time together on multiple kingdom assignments from the Lord throughout the United States. I am also in my third year of serving on the board of the ministry that Tom founded—Path Clearer Ministries. Click here to visit the website.
Without question I have been immensely blessed by Tom’s friendship, wise counsel, prophetic insights and tenacity of faith—he is a friend whom I consider to be trustworthy. He has profound stories of God doing supernatural, miraculous orchestrations through him on his journey in multiple, diverse settings: from the Pentagon to a platform in Nigeria before one million attendees to a television studio in the UK ministering the word of the Lord.

As you can see, Tom is also quite successful in the marketplace (
- PhD biomedical research scientist
- Ran as a Republican nominee for Alabama State Board of Education, District 4.
-Entrepreneur & businessman
- Former professor
- Inventor with multiple patents
- Author of 65 scientific publications
- Outstanding communicator (syndicated radio, TV, & print media)
- Chief Scientific Officer - MediQuest Therapeutics Inc. (2004-present)
- CEO & Founder - IntegriDerm Inc
- CEO & Founder - ALtruis LLC

I hope you’re able to join us this Sunday at 10am!

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Kingdom Shifts said...

I forgot to mention that NCF host a fellowship time (with coffee and donuts) prior to the service from 9:30 until 10am. I will try to bring Tom at 9:30 in order to meet a few of those at NCF and other potential guests. Let me know if you plan to be there. Thanks!