Thursday, September 6, 2007

My Assignment to Chicago

Tomorrow I fly out to Chicago to join Dr. Tom Dooley and his Path Clearer associates who will be ministering at a prophetic conference. We’ll be ministering Friday night and Saturday at the conference. Dr. Dooley is also scheduled to minister at a church in the Chicago area Sunday morning.

Please consider praying for us during this trip that lives would be radically touched as God speaks clearly into the lives of those in attendance. I’ve been trying to prepare myself for this upcoming trip and I sense that it will be a significant time for me on a personal level. I’m especially excited that the conference will be hosted by an African American congregation. In recent months God has orchestrated a series of events where He has (re)connected me with key emerging leaders in the African American community who are primed to become future key leaders in the body of Christ. One such person is Darrian Summerville (pictured on the right) who is the worship leader for Bishop Wellington Boone. You can read the story of how I was reconnected with this high school classmate after 15 years. The African American believers may very well hold the key for the resurgence of our Nation due to the mantle that God places upon those who have come out of the bondage of slavery. Just as Moses was called to lead the Hebrew people out of bondage, so too, do I believe that many African American leaders are called to operate as deliverers of nations in this postmodern era.

Darrian is a prototype of this emerging deliverer. I suspect I will also recognize this mantle on others at this upcoming conference.

So as I am preparing myself to minister the Lord’s heart to others, I myself am prepared to receive from the Lord during this pivotal trip.

I’ll write an update when I get back.

For the Cause,

Brian Francis Hume


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Brian. I will be keeping you in prayer over this next while..specifically for "ears to hear" and "eyes to see".

Christin said...

That is so exciting!!! May God move powerfully in and through you. And may He open up your eyes to see His Realm.