Tuesday, September 11, 2007

TheCall Las Vegas

The Nazirite Uprising: TheCall Las Vegas

Last night, on the eve of 9/11, a young man had a powerful dream:

In the dream, I was sitting with two young men around a table with leaders in the Church. They were talking about methods and tactics of how to grow churches, create programs, and increase their numbers in their churches. Then, I stood up in the dream, and said, “I have something to say!”

At that time, five young men walked in with shaved heads and it was clear that they had consecrated themselves as Nazirites. I spoke with these leaders and said, “We need to learn separation and consecration, then you will see your churches grow. For the next 40 days, you must separate and consecrate yourselves for anything in your churches.”

Lou then turned to one of the young men and said, “It is the Nazirite Uprising!

This young man who had the dream last night on the eve of 9/11 had no idea that 40 days from 9/11 leads to 10/20/07, which is the date of TheCall Las Vegas.

The major theme of TheCall Las Vegas will be the calling forth of a resurgence of the Nazirites. I believe that there is a grace for young men and women called to the Nazirite consecration to set themselves apart in these next 40 days (September 11 – October 20, the date of TheCall Las Vegas). We are also calling all those in Las Vegas and those coming to TheCall Las Vegas to consider fasting 21 days before TheCall Las Vegas (September 30 – October 20) to prepare our hearts before the Lord. We are living in a historic hour and it is important that we seize this divine moment for our nation. We are calling forth 20,000 Nazirites to join us at TheCall Las Vegas as we renew our consecration and cry out to God for revival for Las Vegas and our nation.
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