Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Only Believe

As I mentioned in the previous blog posting, I met David Davenport through Dr. Tom Dooley during my trip to Chicago. Since then, David and I have communicated a few times through email. He sent me a link to his blog, which I also want to share with you. He has a story that he has written titled, "Only Believe". It is a lengthy story, but well worth the time.

The essence of the message ministered deeply to my heart in multiple ways. I trust that the Holy Spirit will minister to you as you hear the heart of a man who longs for all that is in the heart of God. If you have any feedback concerning the story, please feel free to write a comment on this blog posting.

In the next few days I will also write about my experience this past weekend sharing my testimony at the Men's Holy Convocation that was held at our church. It was overall a powerful time.

In Christ,

Brian Francis Hume


Karen said...


Thanks for the link to Dave's story. I took the time to read it this morning. In sparing you a lengthy response, I simply say "Wow. Yes, I can relate to virtually everything he shared. THANKS for the encouragement."


Cathy said...

Ditto! I was speechless reading it!

Kingdom Shifts said...

I am always encouraged in the Lord when I read of the testimonies of others who have seen God do mighty things in their lives. I believe each of us have something to contribute to this, regardless of our background. There is always a story in the midst of our hardship and trials.