Sunday, March 23, 2008

Back Home in Virginia

I’ve been back to Virginia for several days after arriving home at midnight this past Thursday. As I flew back to Virginia, I was looking over the city of Richmond while the airplane was about to land, a thought came to mind: I’m coming back to Virginia a different man. Something transpired in my heart during the course of my weeklong ministry assignment in Texas. I’m not sure if I can pinpoint exactly what it is that is different, but it is different. There are moments in our lives—what I term as kairos-emergences—that forever change the very landscape of our lives. It is precisely at these moments that life can never go back to the way it was before. Again, I don’t understand it fully, but I do know that the Lord has graciously change my life. I’m not the same man. I am more aware how the intense desire of the Father's heart to use humble, broken vessels (i.e., the "foolish things of the world") to perpetuate His kingdom.

Since coming back, I’ve had a few opportunities to sit down with people to share what has transpired during my trip. In the course of several dialogues with people, I’ve been pondering the following question, “What was the highlight of Jesus’ week?” As I reflect upon this, my mind is continually drawn back to the times when ministering to various individuals last week. God met these broken vessels in such a powerful way. In some ways, I wish I could relay all of these events to you, but I know these were holy, intimate moments with the Lord that shouldn’t be broadcast via the World Wide Web. Images of the week flash before my eyes as I ruminate upon the numerous hearts that were tenderly touched by a loving and merciful Father who longed to lavish His love upon the hearts of these contrite, broken men and women.

Many hearts were restored to fellowship with the Father as people came to the Cross and repented of their sin. Many lives were restored to the pursuit of the high call that is in Christ. Many hearts were ignited with a fresh passion to seek God like never before!

Without question I will be back to Texas. My heart was greatly stirred by what is happening in Austin. I am praying even now when the Lord would have me go back to that city on an assignment from Him. Something is brewing in that city in this hour. Also I know that I will be back in Temple to continue the work that was initiated at the Embracing God’s Glory conference in Temple. More plowing is necessary and I believe the Lord really wants to do a deep work in that region. We are going to go after the adulterous spirit that is prevalent among those even in the church in that region—and we’re going to attack the spirit of lust, greed, selfishness, and immorality that seems to permeate the region. We will not permit Temple, Texas to continue as it is. God is raising up a people in this hour who will refuse to allow their city to be a harlot unto the Lord. I use such strong terminology to expose the true nature of the church in that region. I believe that there is indeed a tremendous destiny upon the church in Temple, but there is much work to be done in the next few years.

For those of you who prayed for me during my trip to Texas, I want to say, “Thank you!” I am so grateful for those who stood with me in prayer. Often we didn’t get home until after midnight most evening. Then in the morning I was back on my face seeking God for a fresh word to share later that night wherever we were scheduled to minister. Often during the day, especially after the success of the conference, I was encountering tremendous spiritual warfare. It was vital that others stood in the gap to pray for me as I was trying to fulfill the assignment that the Lord had entrusted to me. The intensity became so great that I had to fast in order to devote ample time to seeking God’s face and to pray on the behalf of those to whom I was going to be ministering to. God is so good.

My wife and daughter are thrilled to have me back home. Need I say anymore! I love them dearly. My wife is truly the woman of my dreams, and more! I was amazed how much my little Simone had grown in just a week. She is on the verge of teething so she is constantly trying to put something in her mouth to “chew” on. She is adorable!

Much work is on the horizons for These Bones Shall Live. I believe in my heart that we’re going to see tremendous fruit in our day—what I am aiming for is to see a 3rd Great Awakening in our land. This is why we are launching The Circuit Riders this year, which will be a network of emerging evangelists, prophets, revivalists, and the like, who will proclaim the gospel with much authority and power. We are in desperate need of men and women who BURN with HOLINESS to proclaim an unadulterated gospel of Jesus Christ. Initially these modern day circuit riders will be unleashed here in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC to preach on college campuses, pubs, bars, sporting events, tent meetings, public schools, marketplaces, Starbucks, locations where prostitutes loom, and possibly even a few churches.

I refuse to allow things to continue as they are. I refuse to turn a deaf ear to a lost and dying world that is being swallowed up by a decaying culture that is warped. I refuse to stand idle while others perish. This is the hour to seek the face of God like never before!

Well, I better go now so that I can spend time with the Lord before retiring for the night.

For the Cause,

Brian Francis Hume


Cathy said...

God is good!

You passed the test!

Karen said...

Wow. Brian. I love it! And yes, to be "sent" to the world to preach rather than the church. It's been my hearts cry for eons. And I do not want to talk about me but simply say that YES YES YES it resonates profoundly!!! For a few years, I thought there was something wrong with me bc I no longer had the desire to "use my gifts" in the church setting but "out there". Exciting to see there are others sensing the same thing.....


john heasley said...

Love your post, the church needs passion and fire, and people to jump forward and refuse to ignore what is going on around them, refusing to walk by on the other side. Take big chances, He is a big God.