Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Texas Trip!

Greetings from Temple, Texas! It has been the most amazing trip thus far. I took off from Richmond before the crack of dawn (March 13) and I’ve been on the go since. Once I arrived in Texas, I found out that the opening speaker, Will Ford, for Embracing God’s Glory conference was unable to make it due to a bout with the flu. Instead Draper Smith and myself ended up prophesying over people that night after a phenomenal worship led by Beth Hislop. Beth is an extremely anointed worship leader from Fredericksburg, Virginia. Her love for Jesus proved to be a key component of the breakthrough that we experienced on Friday and Saturday.

I was scheduled to minister Saturday night and the Lord gave me much grace to minister from His heart. During the worship the Father permitted me to feel His heart for the people in attendance. I felt the absolute pain of God’s heart for anyone there at the conference who failed to walk in ALL that God had ordained for their lives. God broke me. All afternoon and evening prior to the service I had been crying out to the Lord for His heart-yet I felt nothing. I was a little nervous prior to the meeting due to the fact that I didn’t sense anything really burning in my heart. “What is going on here?” I thought to myself, “How can I possibly preach if I don’t feel a sense of passion about it?”

Well, the MOMENT worship started that service, the glory of the Lord came upon me. I could hardly stand; and I broke when God graciously revealed His heart because I had been praying all day for the people at the conference. God gave me a strong unction of His Spirit to preach with much authority and power. I went after the root of shame, selfishness, lust, and pornography. I didn’t hold back. Once I concluded the message, God met those who responded in a powerful way! The front was flooded with many who were either in a desperate, broken place or those who responded to the kairos emergence that they felt was near. Something that night SHIFTED at the conference. Thursday night was very difficult. The grounds needed some major plowing. Through continual intercession, extravagant worship, anointed proclamation of the Word, and precise prophetic ministry, we were able to see breakthrough Friday night. God’s Presence was so tangible. Then Saturday morning I was to speak at 10:00, but we didn’t end until 2:00. God came down and ministered to the hearts in attendance. I spoke on Cultivating the Inner Fortitude of Christlikeness and afterwards the Lord then had me prophesy over the people.

During the message, the Holy Spirit suddenly directed me to declare, “The King of glory is coming to Austin, the King of Glory is coming to Austin, the King of Glory is coming to Austin.” Each time I declared it, it came forth with greater authority. It was a prophetic declaration that was from the very heart of God. There were two women from Austin in attendance who were touched by this word and have gone back to Austin to share this with other ministries in Austin. I ministered Monday night in Austin and when I fly out on Thursday, I am planning to proclaim a message in the very heart of Austin concerning the apostolic function of restoring God’s glory to the church of Austin. Please pray for me in this regards. I’m praying and fasting now in order to fully hear God’s heart because it is obvious that Austin is on God’s heart in this hour.

Also I will be ministering Tuesday (Waco) and Wednesday (Temple) night. Please stand with me that I may deliver God’s word in authority and power. This past Sunday I ministered at a local congregation here and God made it very clear to me to go after the adulterous spirit that was in the church in this region. At the end I was able to minister to a number of people who were broken over this sin in their lives. God met them in a powerful way. Thank you Jesus!
I need to get going here to pray and seek God for what God desires to do. PLEASE stand with me in prayer for the remainder of my trip.

Broken to Change the World,

Brian Francis Hume


Anonymous said...

Im with you brother and in prayer with you....the battle is the Lords..you are hidden under his wings..

thanks for the update..


Karen said...

Wow Brian. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I live in the Temple area, and I do have to agree, there are very many adulterous spirits in the church.