Friday, June 13, 2008

No Compromise by Melody Green

It was recently brought to my attention that Melody Green is in the process of editing No Compromise for an anniversary edition. I had initially read the book in one day back in ’97 and it impacted me deeply. The book is the life story of deceased Christian musician/minister Keith Green who was called as a Prophet to this nation. I believe the message of Keith Green’s life is quite relevant to where we’re at today.

This book has been on the forefront of my mind in recent months. Interestingly back in March I was invited to minister at a conference in Temple, Texas. During my second session, I called out two older men to prophesy over them. In the course of releasing the word of the Lord to them, I felt strongly that they were to get their hands on the book No Compromise. Afterwards one of the gentlemen came up to me, Bob Brown—he shared how his daughter had attended Masters Commission in Kansas City and was in a car pool with the daughter of Keith Green. Hence this word about No Compromise really spoke deeply to his heart.

It also stirred something in my heart.

The release of the anniversary edition of No Compromise is going to be significant for the body of Christ here in the United States. I think both the title eptomizes the life message of Keith Green that we need to wholeheartedly embrace in this hour.
I know that Melody Green is under a lot of pressure as she completes the process of editing No Compromise for the anniversary edition. She is asking people to pray for her as the deadline of June 22 looms near. Do the following: (1) pray for the grace of God to be upon her to finish the book (2) pray for the anointing of God's Spirit to be upon her to write (3) ask the Lord to give you something to encourage her with (i.e., Scripture, story, word of knowledge, encouraging words, prophetic dream, etc.) while she is going through this challenging season. Post it on the blog or email it to me ASAP so that I can send it to her. Either way I’ll make sure she gets it. She won’t be able to respond due to her workload, but I want people to lift her up in prayer before the throne of grace!
I sense that this “re-release” of No Compromise is going to have a significant impact in this hour.

For the Cause,

Brian Francis Hume


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