Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Value of Reading

Recently I have asked my readers to share recommended "non-leadership books for leaders". In light of this ongoing dialogue, I am going to post a link to a short (but well stated) exhortation for Christians to read. Give yourself two minutes to read this short piece because it will challenge you especially if your reading is sparse. It will do you well to heed the advice of Pastor Steven J. Cole of Flagstaff Community Church in Flagstaff, Arizona. Click here to read this aptly titled piece—"Warning: Reading This Column Could Change Your Life!"


Brian Francis Hume

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john heasley said...

I love to read and think it is so important, i'd like to agree with the gentleman further on the point that there is a right time to read certain books, in the bible and outside of it. I have started to read books, not got on with them, then gone back later and bang, I get every word. Also it is so important to look back and see the church as it has moved and grown through generations, you are looking back and seeing the path of the holy spirit.