Monday, July 14, 2008

An Encouraging Letter

This past Sunday morning I received a message via Facebook from an unexpected source, Court Wood of In Jesus' Name Ministries. Court travels the world preaching the gospel to the third world nations. Evidently he had read the a synopsis of the vision that the Lord has put in my heart concerning the launch of THE CIRCUIT RIDERS. As I read through the letter, the need for revelation of the REALITY of Christ struck my heart; versus our attempts to offer a religious farce. God have mercy on me! I'm tired of games. I want the real deal, namely Christ himself!

Here is the letter.

Religion is the effort of man to represent the glory of God in our own strength and our own righteousness. (which we are completely devoid of.) It distorts the clear revelation of Jesus Christ as He seeks to gloriously manifest Himself in His people. Religion is part of the sin nature. It touches us all. It obscures the beauty and simplicity of Christ in us, the hope of glory. It is in opposition to the revelation of Jesus Christ. May the Lord hear the cry our hearts for a hundred men in this nation absolutely committed to integrity, the character of Christ, absolute honesty in their lives, and with total commitment to proclaim Jesus Christ to this nation, without hypocrisy, legalism, liberalism, formalism, traditions of men, psychological manipulation, compromise, or pseudo revival. America must return to the fear of the Lord. We must turn from our obsession with prosperity to an obsession to “know Him, the power of His resurrection, and THE FELLOWSHIP OF HIS SUFFERINGS.” We must again be prepared to “suffer the loss of all things, that we might gain Christ.” We must be willing to be “crucified with Christ.”

I was so blessed to see the vision and life and vision of Brian Francis Hume and his darling wife Aneta Hume, and their precious daughter. It is through precious lives like these that I believe God would again turn the hearts of America back to the God of our father; not for our sakes, but for the sake of His Kingdom throughout the world. Freedom must persevere over the slavery of religion and tyranny. May we see another Great Awakening before the glorious return of Jesus Christ. If not then night will come when no man can work.

God bless you Brian, Aneta, and Simone

Court Wood “In Jesus’ Name Ministries”

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